Pros and Cons of Commercial Diving Full Face Masks

Commercial diving provides the best underwater services for offshore marine, yacht, insurance and all other diving needs. Commercial divers may be needed in a few varied settings be it underwater welding, boat lifts or other diving operations. They can also clean under boats, find valuables that have been dropped over board and repair propellers of rope and debris. Commercial diving is an often dangerous profession and they should be licensed and certified diver. This blog will give you some pros and cons about the commercial diving full face masks.


Full Face Diving Masks

Full face diving masks are the most important equipment while diving under the ocean. The full face mask is, as the name suggest, a dive mask that covers the entire face. Rather than having dive mask covering your eyes and nose and a regulator in your mouth, the full face diving masks combined all these.  By integrating the regulator into the mask, the diver doesn’t have to hold on the regulator in the mouth, and it free ups the mouth for talking.

Pros of Full Face Diving Mask

You can talk– probably this is the main reason for many of the divers choose the full face masks. By using this type of masks, you can talk to another diver, the surface boat, and anyone else who is on the same channel. The big advantage to divers doing search and recovery or any other activity that requires for better underwater communication than standard hand signals can manage.

Less Risk of losing regulator –there is a less risk that a diver will lose their regulator by accidently during the dive. And for some people with some form of dental or jaw problems, it eliminates the need to hold on to the mouth place.    

Vision – the full face dive masks allow to see almost 180 degree vision, more than any traditional dive mask.

Cons of Full Face Masks  

Harder to clear– a full face mask is less likely harder to clear, due to large volume of flood. Breathing may not be possible as long as it is flooded, depending on how much water is in the mask.

Harder to arrange – in the full face mask, there are several straps involved so it is harder to put on correctly. If not properly placed on face it may flood or fall off.

The full face masks are expensive, with prices ranges from $600 to $ 1000. And the weight of this mask is bit heavier than normal commercial diving masks.



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